Auto Diagnostic Assistant


The Auto Diagnosis Assistant (ADA) is the world’s first Internet of Things (IoT) Robotic Slide Holder. Alexapath’s universal microscope accessory is wifi enabled and upgrades a standard microscope into a dynamic or virtual imaging tool. With ADA plus mWSI Live, users can share images of slides live and in real time to consultants across town or across the globe. Users can create whole slide images by pairing ADA with Alexaxpath’s desktop mWSI Archive Application.


Universal mount connects to any brightfield microscope

Upgrades standard microscope to a digital imaging tool

Easy to setup


3 Speed Motor Movement

Wifi Enabled

Minimum Stage Requirement: 120mm x 132mm

Tech Specs

Universal light microscope fitting

Power Supply: 110 or 220 (Specify at time of purchase)

Length: 160mm

Width: 180mm

Height: 100mm


Precision: ± 1 micron