ADA won’t sit flat?

Did you remove your regular slide holder?

I did, but it still won’t sit flat.

The attaching bolts may be too tight. Loosen them half a turn until ADA lies flat.

The robotic slide holder is hanging off the stage.

Try to align the front of the robotic slide holder with the front of the microscope stage.

The motors are not moving?

Is your internet still connected

Still not moving?

Make sure all the wires are connected on the control box and ADA device.

I can’t connect my ADA control box to the wifi.

ADA initial set up passwords are case sensitive, please consult instruction manual for more information.

Eyepiece Camera

The front part of the eyepiece adaptor won’t fit.

Try the other adaptor

The video feed is very small on my screen.

Adjust the distance between the eyepiece camera and the eyepiece of the microscope.

When using mWSI I’m not seeing the feed from the eyepiece camera instead I’m seeing my webcam.

Unplug the eyepiece camera from your computer and then reconnect.

The view is upside or on an angle.

Make sure the bubble in the level is centered and the matching slots on the two sides of the eyepiece camera are aligned.

mWSI Live

When I’m trying to view the slide on mWSI Live I only see a grey screen.

Currently mWSI only works with Chrome, FireFox and Opera, all other browsers will result in grey screen.

The mWSI Live video feed is blurry

Focus the microscope

Still blurry

Focus eyepiece camera by adjusting camera knob

Still blurry

Focus the eyepiece on the microscope