Hardware, Software and AI

Alexapath has built the next generation diagnostic platform that will lead to an exponential growth in the speed and efficiency of diagnosis. Using the latest advances in Deep Convolutional Neural Networks, our AI analyzes visual image data acquired by our own devices.

Auto Diagnostic Assistant

The Auto Diagnostic Assistant is the first universal robotic slide holder. ADA is patent pending and has been developed by the engineers at Alexapath. It is the first of its kind microscope accessory capable of turning any microscope into a connected device. Unleashing the power of our suite of Alexapath’s software applications.

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mobile Whole Slide Imaging

Mobile Whole Slide Imaging (mWSI) Live is Alexapath’s proprietary solution for collaborative viewing of microscopic specimens in real time. The cloud based web application allows for viewing and control of microscopes equipped with the ADA device. Dubbed Skype for Microscopes, mWSI Live allows pathologists from around the world or across town to communicate with audio or text over our secure platform.

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Using Deep Learning, Alexapath has developed a Diagnostic Support Tool that is used for cervical cancer screening. The CytoScreen AI is capable of discerning atypical cytology in Pap Smears and is currently being used in rural screening programs in India where no pathologists are present. The specimens are prepared locally by technician, a plurality of images are acquired using the ADA system, which CytoScreen analyzes before mailing a report to the supervising Pathologist.


Alexapath Archive is a software program for generating zoomable image files of specimen slides on a standard microscope with the ADA accessories. These Whole Slide Images can be stored and viewed locally or via the users account on alexapath.com.

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Meet The Founders

Dhaval Palsana


Originally from Gujurat, India, Dhaval holds a Masters from NYU Polytechnic in Mechatronics and Robotics. Dhaval is the hardware lead on the team and is responsible for the construction of the adaptor prototypes and mWSI system. In addition to his engineering role, Dhaval has played an active part in Alexapath's business development, forming partnerships with India-based providers.

Louis Auguste


A Yale- educated humanitarian, Lou was inspired to develop a rapid, cost-efficient solution for the global pathology shortage following a year he spent in Haiti as a member of USAID's Earthquake Recovery Team. Consultations with University College London, and collaboration with NYU Polytechnic, enabled Lou to begin development of the mWSI technique in 2013.

Shishir Malav


Shishir holds the keys to the design and development aspects of our system. In addition to the Bachelor of Technology in Electrical and Electronics Engineering he earned from SRM University, Chennai, India, he also holds a Master of Science in Computer Engineering from New York University.